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The Progressive Christian® Writers’ Guidelines

Who Are We?
The readers of The Progressive Christian® are primarily informed, committed Christians, lay and professional. Our orientation is pluralistic and encourages expressions of ecumenical and interfaith points of view. Writers from religious traditions other than Christian are welcome. To foster vigorous dialogue and debate, we encourage submissions from all points on the theological spectrum.

What Do We Like to See?
Topics may be explicitly church or religion related, or may approach secular and non-religious topics from a moral or spiritual perspective. Points of view that challenge conventional wisdom or that seek to “speak truth to power” are particularly encouraged.

We encourage writing that is fresh, clear, free of jargon and accessible without being condescending – reader friendly and intelligent. Inclusive language is mandatory. All material must be the original work of the writer. Absence of essential documentation for quoted material may delay or block publication.

Please become familiar with the published content of The Progressive Christian® before submitting an item for the first time. The best way to figure out what will “work” is to have a good idea of who we are, the kinds of pieces that we’ve published in the past and the topics that our writers address. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a few sample copies of past issues or, better still, go online and look at previous content:

All editorial efforts will be made to ensure that published items will meet the highest journalistic standards for accuracy, but our writers are the first line of defense. In other words, get your facts, quotations and statistics straight before submitting them to The Progressive Christian®! Failure to do so will not endear you to the editors.

How to Submit Your Article
We strongly encourage submission of articles as e-mail attachments composed in standard Word format. Send submissions to: [email protected]. A brief introduction of the content and a summary of the writer’s credentials will facilitate processing. For submissions in other than electronic format, query the managing editor: [email protected].

Submissions may be made to the following categories (subject to reassignment by the editor):
Analysis Analytical commentary (500-1,500 words).
ViewPoint Succinctly stated point of view on a single topic or theme (1,000 –1,500 words).
Reflection Extended treatment of a topic or theme requiring substantive development (750 - 2,000 words).
Book and media reviews (500 - 1,000 words).
Letters to the Editor (up to 500 words).
ShortTake Humor and light-hearted commentary (750 words).
Poetry No fixed length, but brevity is appreciated.

The Fine Print
Please notify us if you are submitting an item simultaneously to other publications. Unless otherwise arranged, we assume that first publication rights are assigned to The Progressive Christian®.

Publication in The Progressive Christian® does not imply the endorsement of the publisher or editors.

The Progressive Christian® very much appreciates its contributing writers but is unable to compensate them according to market standards. We do, however, express our gratitude with a modest honorarium (currently $50 for articles and $25 for poetry), payable following publication, and two complimentary copies of the issue in which their work appears.

In the absence of a written contract or memo of understanding, the above constitutes the only explicit agreement that The Progressive Christian® makes with its contributing writers.

March 2008

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